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Hajj is an obligation on every Muslim who with the grace of ALLAH is able to afford and perform it. It is said if you have the ability to do, you should not delay it. It is a visit for your purity. It is what you owe to Almighty ALLAH once in your life time. By re-enacting the faith-testing ordeals of Ibrahi and his family, it is believed that an “accepted hajj” will clean you from all your sins and you will be as pure as you were on the day of your birth. Hajj rituals commemorate the events that materialized throughout the time of Ibrahim (Abraham), one amongst the prophets of Supreme Being. Ibrahim formed his faith in Supreme Being and showed complete reliance on God throughout the numerous trials and tribulations in his life. His life is value reading before going for Hajj or if you just need to know hajj in true sense. While performing... Hajj Muslims get reminded of their rich legacy and it recharges their commitment in Almighty.

The fact that hajj has been happening for thousands of years of human history shows that it is divine as men are incapable of beginning such a movement

Many Muslims who go on hajj focus a great deal in learning the rituals and customs, which is most important, however making your heart and soul for hajj is no less important, we all should prepare ourselves to attain the real purpose of Hajj.

Hajj is a stunning scene of the unity of all believers inspite of their classes, backgrounds, cultures, or languages. The whole world admires the scene when Muslims from round the world, rich or poor, stands shoulder to shoulder wearing just two pieces of white cloth manifesting the truth that Allah sees all his children with the same eye and it’s the purity of our hearts and our good deeds which brings us close to the Divine Almighty.

Hajj also reminds us of how Ibrahim and his son Isma’eel built the Ka’bah and Ibrahim’s call to people to perform Hajj. Little did they know that the building God was asking them to build in an uninhabited land was to become the main house of God’s worship for the entire earth.

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We are member of ATOL travel association as well as IATA and specialised in religious group tours, authorized by Ministry of HAJJ & UMRA. We believe in providing personalized services to our customers and that’s the reason behind our success in providing best Hajj packages.
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Umrah also known as “minor Pilgrimage” or “Lesser Journey” is a journey to Mecca that can be embraced through out the year. Of course it is not termed as a mandate on us but it is most necessarily suggested. In Arabic, Umrah means “to visit a populated place”

As per Sharia, Umrah means to perform Tawaf round the Kaaba and Sa i between Al-Safa and Al-Marwah, after assuming Ihram (a sacred state), either from a Miqat like Zu l-Hulafa, Juhfa, Qarnu l-Mana-zil, Yalamlam, Za-t-i- Irq, Ibrahi-m Mursi-a, or a place in Hill.

We can do Umrah during Hajj as well. These days many people like to have a first-hand experience of huge gathering to prepare themselves for epic gathering of Hajj. During Umrah we get ample time to explore both Makkah and Madinah thoroughly but during Hajj it is really exhausting because we have to be focused completely on our rituals.

Umrah is pretty simple where only Tawaf and Sa’i needs significant effort and remaining rituals are very easy. Just two to three hours are enough to finish it.

As per the Hanafi and Maliki schools, the ‘Umrah is not obligatory but a highly recommended sunnah (sunnah mu'akkadah), but according to the Shafi’i and Hanbali schools and the majority of Imamiyyah legists, it is obligatory (wajib) for one who is mustati. Umrah is of two kinds, first which we perform independently of the Hajj (called al‘Umrat almufradah almustaqillah ‘an alHajj), and the second which we perform in conjunction with the Hajj (al‘Umrat almundammah ila alHajj).

The conditions for the ‘Umrah are essentially the same as mentioned in the case of the Hajj.

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We are member of ATOL travel association as well as IATA and specialised in religious group tours, authorized by Ministry of HAJJ & UMRA. We believe in providing personalized services to our customers and that’s the reason behind our success in providing best Hajj packages.

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